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The Council of Peace Academy — Mission Showroom: Star Atlas Roadmap Scan #21

The Council of Peace Academy — Mission Showroom: Star Atlas Roadmap Scan #21

At another point in the galaxy, Asha, one of the most prominent captains of the Council of Peace, is summoned in urgency back to the Iris Academy, the leading institution for preparing officials for the structure of the Council of Peace. There, she learns of a new mission that could shape the future of peace in the galaxy.

The Iris Academy /// Metaverse in Light Speed Expansion /// Immersive Blockchain-Powered UE5 Experience.

“Rise above your horizon, and become a beacon of hope for the galaxy.” — The inscription at the central gate of the Iris Academy

As soon as Asha’s feet hit the docks, memories of her youth at the academy started flowing through her mind as if she had taken some of the Mní flower tea.

The soothing smell of fuel coming from the various ship’s landing pads, mixed with the excited students trying to guess which of the university’s colleges they will be sent to, the many street sellers and shops paving the way with trinkets and exceedingly unhealthy food, which the Usturs particularly loved… Ahhh, everything was the same as many years ago, when Asha found herself walking the main lane of the Iris Academy space station for the first time.

A curious development was that the Academy, which was already the main attraction of the old mining planet of Carvum, now seemed to be even more integrated with the city. Its imposing buildings, such as the dormitories, training fields, ship hangars, and archives, dominated the town’s scenery as if they were only one and the same.

Asha recalled that it wasn’t just the academy that had changed. She smiled as she proceeded to rent an Opal Jet to drive to the main campus, where her appointment awaited.

Even though it had been some years since she last piloted a Jet, everything came naturally, as if yesterday she was participating in one of the many racing competitions she entered during her years at the academy. The racing track experience saved her life more than once as one of the leading captains of the explorer’s division of the Council of Peace, especially on missions that took her deep in the high-risk zone.

She had been summoned just before starting one of those, and that left a bad taste in her mouth. Asha had been investigating rumors from a DAC called Panemorfa, which seemed to be acquiring illicit substances and artifacts from the Jorvik, and the destination of those goods was unclear.

The Jorvik had been a pain for a long time now. Their influence had been steadily increasing in the medium-risk zone, after being mostly confined to the inner reaches of the galaxy for many years.

If she had it her way, she would have gone after the pirate king by now. If they captured the “Freedom Smile” and its fleet, the whole Jorvik structure would crumble in no time. The thing is that the Jorvik didn’t seem to have a fixed base, and every time Asha managed to discover their location, in the blink of an eye, they were gone, as if the Jorvik had mobile space stations or something of the sort.

She found herself caught in that mystery, and couldn’t find reliable information in the medium-risk zone to solve it. After much labor, she finally convinced her superiors to launch an incursion into the high-risk zone. Unfortunately, she was called back for this meeting with the Headmaster of the Academy. As much as Asha wanted to go on this mission, this was the kind of summons that even she, a decorated elite captain, couldn’t ignore.

Exfehors Platinum Bark, the headmaster of Iris Academy, was arguably the most influential Punaab, aside from the two kings of Akenat. This is a surprise for those who don’t know him personally, considering his main academic focus and personality that was widely known as… eccentric.

Nevertheless, Exfehors has been a leading voice of union and cooperation in the galaxy through the years. Being a close friend of Chior.eldr, he is involved in many initiatives to keep the tensions between different species in check. His focus has always been education, and many of the most prominent authorities in the Council of Peace and the overall leadership of the galaxy were his students.

Asha was one of them, and every night she still read her autographed edition of The Most Successful Guide of Common Sense Learnings for the Benefit of Space Exploration, autographed by him. The old professor signed: “For my dear student Asha, I hope you can add even more precious advice to this unfinished work, but take care while testing them, as some are quite deadly.”

Truth be told, if it weren’t for her current mission, she would be glad to meet with her old professor, but now wasn’t the moment to waste time on tea and biscuits or whatever crazy new gadget the old Punaab had come up with this time. The feeling of insecurity was rising and giving birth to loud voices, asking for the faction’s intervention in the neighboring systems that composed the middle zone.

Asha parked the rented Jet at the parking lot close to one of the academy’s gates and proceeded to pass the gate scans, which were arguably as efficient as the ones used by the Council of Peace.

No surprise there, since it was Exfehors who designed them.

Asha passed the gate with no problem and, just before being teleported to the actual campus ground, the A.I. saluted her:

“Welcome back home, Asha Boestar. The headmaster is waiting for you in his main laboratory. Would you like me to take you there?” Asked a gentle female voice.

“It won’t be necessary. I know my way, thank you.” Asha replied, finding herself on the actual campus grounds now. She started to hurry her pace, aiming to wrap up whatever business the headmaster had with her and get back to her investigation.

Nevertheless, Asha couldn’t help but contemplate the beautiful grounds of the academy. The main garden reproduced the exotic forests of Akenat, where Exfehors was raised. A little treat from the old Punaab for his people.

It was impossible to walk through the long corridor and not be mesmerized by the sheer amount of life and beauty displayed there. The exotic flora of Akenat was entangled with the structures and technologies available for the students to learn about every aspect of those plants and ecosystems.

Other species’ homeworlds were also displayed in different places of the campus, and although Asha lived there for many years she was never too sure about how big the academy was. The students were only allowed to go to the floors and regions where they would participate in their scheduled classes or had specific permission to be.

Asha finally reached the main hall, the place that connected every corner of the academy grounds. There, she proceeded to the staff portal, and as soon as she entered the portal structure, the A.I. female voice said:

“ Asha Boestar — Teleporting to location, headmaster’s main laboratory.”

After the blink of an eye, Asha found herself in another world.

That was the only logical conclusion. She could immediately feel the heat, and her eyes had to adjust to the light of a bright sun in the sky.

“Watch out!” A sudden shout came from above, which Asha recognized coming from Exfehors, and he seemed to be… landing a Tufa Feist over her head?

Asha immediately jumped to the side, rolling a few meters away from where the ship was landing, and a burst of a weird laugh suddenly erupted from the ship cockpit:

“Nhonhonhonho! It seems I almost caught you, huh, Asha? Nhonhonhonho!” The old Punaab was using some form of an exoskeleton, which made him taller as if he was inside a robot. It looked so silly that Asha had to hold herself not to laugh, even after almost getting crushed by the Tufa ship.

“Professor Exfehors, Asha made a small bow before the Punaab. You seem to be in good health. Although you would do well on changing the teleport beacon to avoid getting your guests crushed in the future.” Asha replied with a side smile.

“Nhonhonho! The ship is a light construct, my dear. It looks pretty real though, right?! I have been using this to create the models for the ships and the other structures for the Showroom. I’m helping old Chior with getting things ready. By the way, tell me, what do you know about it, Asha?” The Punaab asked while inviting her with a small hand wave to follow him through the holographic structure.

Asha replied: “I didn’t know you were involved with it, professor. But I know it’s one of the most ambitious endeavors of Chior.eldr in which he hopes to build a harbor of cooperation between factions and manufacturers to advance technology.”

While they discussed, Exfehors took her to the second floor of the building, where statues of the founders of the Council of Peace were together, reaching for the light.

“Huh… Yes, this is the main focus of why we built this, but there is more to it, as it usually happens when we are talking about galactic affairs, and that’s why you are here too, dear Asha.”

After saying that, the Punaab dismissed the Showroom hologram, and a star map appeared before them. The map showed a location that every mud knew by heart.

“Why are you showing me the location of the MUD sector, Professor?” Asha cautiously asked, feeling she already knew the answer but was afraid of the conclusion.

“There is a complicator here, Captain Asha. A few of them, to be precise.” The Punaab said, emphasizing Asha’s formal title. “The first one is the fact that the MUD faction, despite the partnerships involved in creating the showroom, it’s prominently the owner of this project, and the intergalactic laws protect them in deciding the location and means of building it….”

Asha immediately understood where this was going and said: “They are building it over a piece of the husk of Earth, right?”

“Precisely.” The Punaab answered, now totally serious. “As you know from your time in this academy, the “plunder” of Earth and the ascension of humanity to the stars was a somewhat… traumatic event for your species. Which resulted in the appearance of rogue groups, the most prominent being the ECOS, that has seized enough power nowadays to be a real power in the medium and high-risk zones, as you are surely aware.” The Punaab added.

“This could be perceived as a major provocation for the ECOS.” Asha immediately replied. Her mind immediately started racing.

The situation in the medium-risk zone was already bad as it was. The Council had limited jurisdiction there, and regional tensions were growing every day, which actually caused the movement of big sponsors of peace to move to that zone, like Chior.eldr. Still, even as the ECOS tolerates the Council, it still has a huge grudge against the MUD faction precisely because they destroyed Earth.

This would be perceived as adding salt to the wound, almost as if the MUD wanted to provoke them. Nevertheless, Asha wasn’t a diplomat and found this kind of political struggle far beyond her interests. She belonged to the front lines, not to the offices and to the chambers of the DAOs.

“I’m sorry, Professor. But my biggest political job was scouting Chior.eldr during his last announcement. So I’m afraid I can’t help you on this front unless you want to storm the MUD space to put some sense into Gotti’s head.” Asha said.

“Nhonhonho, that would be quite a sight, yes? But no, my dear, it’s not the strength that we need right now. Instead, I need you to be the caretaker of the Showroom and to make that place become a symbol of renewal for that dead world. I also hope to make that a place of teaching and union, where even the ECOS and BYOS ships would be displayed for the eyes to see.” Exfheros motioned for Asha to follow him.

“I don’t comprehend, Professor.”

After a few steps, they returned to the teleport point, and the old Punaab said: “My dear, take us to the rooftop.”

Another blink and they were at the top of the campus’s main building. There, you could have a panoramic view of the academy’s environs. Instead of looking toward the city, the old Punaab turned to see the desert behind the campus, where only the beautiful planet Abedia and a few flying ships and satellites could be seen through the building’s glass dome, breaking the stillness of the vision.

“It’s quite simple, my dear. Even though it’s a MUD endeavor, the Council is also investing in this project, and our human friends accepted that the caretaker of the Showroom would be nominated by us, with the condition that we nominated a human.” The headmaster said, looking at Asha.

“Sir, I can’…” Before Asha could complete the sentence, the Punaab continued: “I know you didn’t apply for this, Captain. But, nevertheless, you are the only one with the credibility and credentials to take care of this place that is so full of meaning for so many citizens of our galaxy. If anyone can stop this from escalating, it’s you, and isn’t your oath before the Council to protect the life and peace of our galaxy’s citizens?”

That was indeed her oath, and Asha recognized that with a nod.

“I wouldn’t ask this of you if this wasn’t extremely necessary, my dear. But for now, please, accept this job, and guide the showroom to be a harbor of business, learning, enlightenment, and peaceful relationships between the factions and species. Maybe this will turn out to be a way of mending old wounds and teaching my students a thing or two about flying Nhonhonho!” The Punaab softened his request with a smile and a laugh.

Asha never envisioned herself in this position. Her abilities were mostly used to defend, not to build or teach, as the headmaster proposed. She still felt responsible for the mission in the high-risk zone, but the situation here was, perhaps, even more critical, and she couldn’t risk war in the medium-risk zone right now.

Suddenly, an idea occurred to Asha.

“All right, professor. I will do my best to take care of the Showroom and steer it in the best way possible. But if I’m to accept that, I have two conditions.” Asha said.

“Huh… look at that! The soldier can negotiate! All right, tell me!” The Punaab replied, intrigued.

“First, I want full authority to decide who is able to be part of this project, especially in this first phase.” Asha said solemnly.

“Nhonhonho! Agreed! Tell me, what are the criteria you will use to let people in?” The Punaab cheerfully asked.

“Oh, I have some seasoned and trustworthy captains in mind already.” Asha said. I will disclose this as soon as I get things settled over there.

“What about the second one?” Exfehors asked.

“You will help me capture the Pirate King.” Asha said seriously.

“Oh my! Nhonhonhonho!” The Punaab laughed.

Weekly Project Report

Project: UE5 Showroom — R1

Concept Art: DONE /// Art: DONE /// UX/UI: BUILDING /// Game Design: DONE /// Blockchain: DONE /// Game Play: DONE

Updates: Product distribution preparations are almost finalized.

Upcoming activities: Finish product distribution.

Project: SCREAM v1.0

Game Design: BUILDING /// Blockchain: BUILDING /// UX DESIGN: BUILDING UI: BUILDING /// Game Economics: BUILDING /// Web: BUILDING /// Art: BUILDING

Updates:Continued to define explicit requirements for core gameplay mechanics and game systems design. Working with the economics team to define looting mechanics. /// Testing starbase upgrading. Updating movement system. Continuing to work on Sector Program. /// Adding fidelity to the outliner (e.g. filtering and column sorting). Visualizing high system density using HUD. /// Continued building SCREAM screens and elements. /// Working with game design on refining the levers and mechanics of Loot drops. Defining all Atlas sinks in the SCREAM. /// Started combat game functionality. Updated camera controls. Updated movement functionality. Continue to work on outliner. /// Working on starbases and planets. Added some Starbase assets into Playcanvas.

Upcoming activities: Continue to define explicit requirements for core gameplay mechanics and incorporate feedback from SCREAM stakeholders. /// Build, peer review, and test programs on testnet, then audit . /// Review wireframes with Project Stakeholders. Continue to iterate until wireframes are approved. Hand over wireframes to UI team. /// Continue to build out UI screens and elements. ///Determine SCORE to SCREAM transition strategy. /// Build towards playtesting and validate gameplay loops that require higher fidelity game. Add in fleet management (fleet formation, disbanding…). /// Convert into 3D assets to be added into Playcanvas.

Note: all on-chain programs associated with SCREAM will undergo cybersecurity and threat modeling prior to the official launch.

Project: Star Atlas DAO — Usability Improvements

Product Design: DONE /// UX design: BUILDING /// Web Team: BUILDING /// Blockchain: BUILDING

Updates: Treasury details and data analytics. /// POLIS locker — Improved Locking Period Controls and rewards chart improvement. /// ATLAS locking UI/UX improvements. /// Analytics in progress.

Upcoming activities: Proposals start. /// Research Proposal flows.

Project: Graphic Novel


Updates: Creation of the first few episodes are still in progress./// UI work ongoing for comic readers. Release and distribution preparation works are still in progress.

Upcoming activities: Final UI design for comic reader.


Features/Bug fixes: Star-atlas-portal Live updated to v0.5.45 PRE-ALPHA

In Review: [Program] Royalty fees and ATLAS locking. /// [BUG] iOS Phantom users can’t click the buy button. /// [SEO] Update Meta Descriptions for /// [BUG] some orders cannot be canceled. /// Remove recommended tag from Coinbase wallet until new criteria for that tag is approved. /// Mobile improvements. /// [BUG] Sorting by rarity. /// [BUG] Can’t delete the leading 1 in a buy or sell order

Features in pipeline: — Sorting and table refinements. /// User driven improvements (survey and interviews). /// New Homepage / Landing Page (QA and Copy). /// [Feature] Implement improved error states. /// [Feature] Price column accessibility updates. /// [Feature] Beginning work on graphic novel. /// [Feature] Reimplement countdown timer.

Known issues: [BUG] Coinbase wallets can not buy or sell ships on the market. /// [BUG] Some users still can not remove ships from the faction fleet when their wallet was compromised on another app. //// [BUG] Phantom wallet, simulator uses incorrect data (reported to phantom). /// [BUG] Phantom wallet, Android users can’t click to copy (reported to phantom).

Status: In progress

Project: Marketplace Royalty Fees

Web team: DONE /// Blockchain: BUILDING /// Econ: DONE

Updates: Front-end calculations done. /// RPC calls completed.

Upcoming activities: Complete Solana Crank.


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