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StarPath — The Official Star Atlas Referral Program

StarPath — The Official Star Atlas Referral Program

The next-gen web3 recruitment system opens the gates to the ultimate metaverse gaming experience for all Star Atlas players.

Energy is charged. Prepare for the jump in 3,2,1. /// Metaverse in Light Speed Expansion /// Immersive Blockchain-Powered UE5 Experience

After the dread of the convergence war, a new age of peace and prosperity reigned in the galaxy. Wonders of culture, life, and technology filled the skies of uncountable worlds. Nevertheless, should I have to choose a single symbol of our age, I would nominate, without a shadow of a doubt, the StarPath as the most important collective endeavor. This unique chain of warp gates did more than overthrow the concept of physical distance. It brought the hearts of every race in the galaxy closer through cooperation, transport, and trading.” — Charon Gotti Jr, Leader of the MUD.

The StarPath

During the past one hundred years, the factions thrived on the stability generated by the Treaty of Peace. Art, development, and commerce were bolstered by the influx of knowledge, goods, and sentient beings made possible by the biggest galactic cooperation upon this date, the StarPath.

Linking every faction’s home world together through the fastest highway in existence, StarPath made possible the reconstruction of a galaxy razed by war, getting people from every race and creed closer together physically, but also spiritually, as the distance of different cultures and beliefs diminished.

Now the three central Star Atlas factions, ONI, MUD, and USTUR, are seeking to bolster their ranks.

Some say the goal is to preserve peace. But dissident voices say that the recruitment is in preparation for an inevitable conflict. Whichever is the case, the factions are willing to open their coffers to reward the talented explorers that succeed in forwarding their recruitment campaigns. Every single person counts and can make the difference in what might possibly be the most destructible clash of forces since the Convergence War.

You are now at the gate, Explorer. Will you warp into the unknown to find adventurers to defend the supremacy of your faction and establish new worlds on the frontier or you will find allies to help you preserve peace throughout the galaxy?

Whatever you choose, you will need friends by your side to face the tides of the new age, the age of Star Atlas.

Step through the gate, find your allies, and shape the future.

How does it work?

The process is as easy as it is transparent.

StarPath explorers can sign up for a referral link.Share it via social media, blog, etc.When your friend signs up, have them input your link.When they purchase a new ship directly from Star Atlas using a new wallet and deploy the ship into SCORE for at least 7 days, you’ll receive a Prosperity Mark reward.Coming Soon: Prosperity Marks can be redeemed for ships and other in-game assets.

If you prefer, you can also watch this simple walkthrough video

Weekly reports will track development progress. Benefits are distributed to players on a monthly basis.


Recruit new space pioneers and receive rewards and recognition at Faction and Individual levels.

Individual rewards

You earn rewards based on the in-game activity of your recruits. Every time one of your recruits makes a primary market purchase (i.e. purchase directly from Star Atlas) it generates points — or Prosperity Marks — for you.

Prosperity Marks can be redeemed for new ships and other in-game assets for as long as supplies last.

Reward tiers

The Star Atlas referral program is structured in such a way that individual rewards are calculated on a tiered basis. This will enable participants to accrue rewards no matter how many new explorers they recruit.

Contribution Tiers


Prosperity mark earning rates increase as you move up in the program by successfully recruiting new explorers.

All new participants start as Pioneers and earn 2 marks for every $20 USD in primary market sales.After earning 2,500 marks, you become an Initiator and earn 3 marks for every $20 USD in primary market sales.After 13,750 marks, you become a Founder and earn 4 marks for every $20 USD in primary market sales.

Please note that your rank in the Reward Tiers will be reset at the beginning of each calendar year. Since we are launching the StarPath Referral Program in the middle of the year, your balance from 2022 will be carried over through 2023.

Help your faction

The different factions of Star Atlas are working in silence, building up their fleets and trying to acquire talented individuals and DACs to add to their ranks. The referral program is just another front in the battle for power and influence in our metaverse.

Naturally, factions want to encourage their talented members with further gifts. Those rewards are targeted towards creating community within each faction, and they will be distributed every quarter.

Faction rewards

Factions that have the highest total of Prosperity Marks earned by their members each quarter will receive a Star Base defense boost. The boost will only last for that quarter.

Use cases

This program is great for everyone, whether you’re an individual looking to recruit a couple friends or a colleague from work, or any type of influencer. In fact, if you are a content creator with your own YouTube or Twitch channel, you can share your referral link on screen and in your show notes and get credit for bringing in hundreds of new players.

Additional information

We got a whole step-by-step how-to video for you right here!

For additional information or any questions please head to the Star Atlas Knowledge Base.

You stand at the gates of opportunity. Follow the StarPath and it will lead you and your faction to a brighter future!

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