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Oni Shadow ops Mission Report: Star Atlas Roadmap Scan #02

Star Atlas Block Report: Mission log of agent M4 — Stolen data “negotiation”, classified intel, registered in the archives of ATMTA Industries vault for sensitive information. Intel regarding the status of the development progress of Star Atlas and its various projects.

Shadow ops mission log /// Metaverse in expansion /// Immersive Blockchain-powered UE5 Experience

My only desire… freedom, my only loyalty… the crew, my only property… the universe. — Jorvik raiding song.”

Mission Log — as told by Shadow Ops, Agent M4

“It was a cloudless night in Liblit. The sky was a canvas full of colors from the rich planets and the moons that occupied the heavens this close to the center of the galaxy.

Here, criminals worked under the cover of darkness.

As one of the stations in the so-called high-risk zone, Liblit was well known as a place of thievery, illegal deals, and every other activity that could constitute a crime under the Council of Peace regulations.

If you were watching the movements in the streets that particular night, a young human, no more than 26 Earth years, might catch your eye. He made secretive glances as he passed the dark alleys, making his way into a decaying building that mimicked the style of the MUD pre-voyage era.

There, an old Punaab, above average size for his species, awaited him. He had gray whiskers, a scar on his right eye, and the cynical wide grin that left no room for doubt that this was Mr. Sbugolz — the very same who was said to be an original member of the Freedom Smile, the ship captained by the Jorvick leader. The bounty on his head was 50 million Atlas. Yeah… not the biggest fish in the sea, but hey, he was a fish.”

At this point, the Agent was interrupted by a very thin and angry voice that started to shout in the background: “NOT THE BIGGEST FISH?!” shouted the tied up Punaab. “You damned Mierese scum! I will have your Bahle come out through your mouth!”

“Wow,” interjected the Mierese. “Language! Didn’t your mama teach you better than to interrupt your captivator’s glorious mission report?”

“Glorious mission report, KIKIKI?” said the Punaab, laughing. “What are you, a freaking kid? Tell you what, you can report all about my bahl… Humpf!!!”

The Mierese packed the Punaab’s mouth with the dirtiest piece of cloth he could find. “As much as I’d like to hear about your fixation with reproductive parts, please wait a bit until I finish this, ok?” said the Mierese official.

“Hmm!!!! Hmmm!!!”, cried the muffled Punaab.

“Oh, blessed silence. Now where was I? Oh right, so there he was, a seemingly nervous human just before the mighty Mr. Sbugolz, flanked by two not friendly-faced Usturs. Better now?”

“Hmmm! Hmm! Hmmmmm!!” The Punaab tried to answer.

The agent of the Consortium was pretty sure it was another reference to genitals. He shrugged and returned to his report.

“The Punaab started the meeting by saying: “Well, well. Look what the cosmic currents brought to our shores, lads, kikiki!” said Sbugolz, looking at his henchman.

“Our very own spy! Leaking the juicy secrets of ATMTA Industries to our noble freedom cause, kiki! What a good little human! Isn’t that right, lads?”

“That’s right, boss!” said Henchman 1.

“The best boy, boss!” said henchman 2.

“KIKIKI, that’s right!” said the Punaab, feeling in stasis. “The information you gave us last time was indeed very good! We managed to advance our agenda through the whole galaxy. The big boss was really pleased!”

“Mostly pleased, boss!” said Henchman 1.

“Very appeased, boss!” said Henchman 2

“But it was not enough,” said the Pirate, suddenly changing the happy mood in the room. “We need more, Lieutenant Wenn! Tell us what you uncovered! My whiskers get all curly at the sound of a good old data robbing!”

Wenn Started: “Milord, starting with The Marketplace, they are about to end the prototyping phase. From what I could gather, regarding the Blockchain front, their Atlas staking program design is progressing well. They also moved to assist their front-end engineers in prototyping the core user flow, which is going full steam right now.”

“For their Upcoming Activities, on that front, once the staking design is approved, they will start implementing it, while preparing a strategy for the users testing the prototype.”

“KIKIKI, I LOVE THIS!” the Punab shouted with glee. “Sweet Atlas stakes to plunder, guys!”

“This is a blessing, boss!” said Henchman 1.

“A gift from the heavens, boss!” said Henchman 2.

“But please, good lieutenant, do proceed. What else do you have for us?” asked the entertained villain.

“Well, regarding the Scream Project, the team is still working on finishing the explicit requirements for the core gameplay mechanics. They have also started prototyping a new program for the Blockchain architecture while they refine it with the gameplay requirements. In terms of the economic developments, they have onboarded the Director of Economy of ATMTA, who will work directly on the modeling of the gameplay economic loops. Finally, I uncovered that they are adding more functionality to WebGL prototypes and that they have also onboarded an additional front-end WebGL developer to project.” replied Wenn.

“Intriguing… I suppose they will be working on those mechanics for the next week as well. Right, Wenn?” asked the pirate while scratching his chin.

“You are correct, Milord.” answered the Lieutenant.

“Very well then, move on.” replied the Jovirk, his tiny hand resting alongside his anxious face.

“After that, I also found some new information regarding the Showroom”, said Wenn, restarting his report. “As I mentioned before, it’s well advanced, and they are working on some interesting details…” said the Lieutenant with a pause, allowing the anxiety to build in the room.

“Spill it out, Human!” said the Punaab while jumping over the table. He brought the small dagger just a few inches from Wenn’s face.”

Wenn smiled and said: “Milord, in my last report I told you they had completed the Game Design and the Concept Art, so now they are building the basics of the gameplay mechanics. We might see the save/load feature complete any day now. Also, the User interface models are in good progress. Once their basic visuals are approved they will start the work on the terminal systems, integrating those into the game and testing with the pipeline. I actually managed to acquire this picture from their database.”

Modular cliff system built and alpha set pieces placed

He added: “Also, they have managed to sync ATMTA blockchain architecture with the wallet technology, resuming the work on wireframes production in the Blockchain front.”

“KIKIKI! This is sending chills down my spines! Can you feel this, lads?!” Asked the Punaab, still fingering his dagger.

“Absolutely, Boss!” said Henchman 1.

“In every screw of my body, Boss!” said Henchman 2.

Lieutenant Wenn kept going: “This is not the end, Milord. The DAO also had a productive sprint. They are on the last steps of prototyping! The Proxy CPI is nearing completion, and the DAO team is working together with the ATLAS staking personnel. They are incessantly working on the wireframes necessary to work out data features inside the DAO architecture and typescript bindings to communicate with Solana Programs. Finally, they are following the progress of the Goki/Tribeca audits.”

Wenn stopped to catch his breath, looking every one of the pirates in the room in the eye before continuing:

“Finally, the system polishing also had improvements. They managed to update the Terms of Services and Privacy Policy format, while also working on the optimization for the mobile user’s profiles. Another cool feature is that they added endpoints to Galaxy users to enable 3rd parties to access the total circulating token supplies of ATLAS and POLIS in real-time.”

The eyes of the Punaab shined with greed in the dark room. After a small pause, he said: “This is enough, Lieutenant Wenn! KIKIKI! The boss will be even more pleased! I’ve got to say, Wenn, you proved your value once more. It’s time that you got your recognition.”

The Punaab made a small gesture and Henchman 2 went to the back of the house, barely taking a minute before coming back with a cube stamped with the Jorvik symbol.

Before a confused Lieutenant Wenn could react, Henchman 1’s thick arms clamped down on him. As Wenn tried to disengage, the Punaab placed the box over his arm and said:

“Welcome aboard, Brotah!! KIKIKI!”

“The cube sprang to life after feeling the touch of the Punaab, biting the arm of the Lieutenant as a hungry beast.” Agent M4 narrated in an epic tone, before pausing and saying:

“Lieutenant Wenn, in honor of our friendship, I will leave out the high-pitched scream that you let out, ok?” Said the Mierese, with a perfectly blank face, even though he still had the communicator button pressed.

The tired human murmured an answer, not paying attention to the dramatics of his Mierese companion. Wenn’s gaze was focused on analyzing their long-sought objective: the “tattoo” on his forearm that identified him as a legit member of Jorvik.

If only he had more time… maybe they could crack the technology and replicate it… but it wasn’t any good to dwell on imaginary scenarios, not right now when there was so much at stake and so little time to act. Wenn strained to focus his mind and start the walk toward the ship.

“Let’s go. We have a flight to catch. Please continue your little play inside the ship. We aren’t out of hot water just yet,” said Lieutenant Wenn to the Mierese.

The Mierese grabbed the Punaab as gently as he would grab a bag of potatoes, which caused more groans from the angry captive. The Mierese didn’t seem to notice and continued his story as he entered the ship, signaling for two guards to drag the passed-out Usturs.

“After a few seconds, the cube entered into the human arm, molding itself as a tattoo of the Jorvik Pirates.” said the agent, resuming his log.

“Before the ugly pirate could utter more of his lousy Kikiki laughter, a very handsome Mierese appeared from the corner shadows. Everything progressed quickly after that”- the Mierese spoke to the communicator in his arm.

“Two flashes of teal light broke the darkness in the room, and the Usturs were down in an instant. The Punaab grew pale, as the first lights of the twin moons of Liblit, coming from a crack on the wall, gently kissed the beautiful silhouette of the famous bounty hunter that stood before him.”

“Everything was over in the blink of an eye. Mr. Sbugolz and his henchman were arrested. We got the cube inside. Lieutenant Wenn and our crew are ready to roll on the real mission.”

End of Mission Log — Shadow Ops Agent M4

At this point, Lieutenant Wenn, who had been listening to the Mierese give his report, was profoundly inclined to write a report of his own. Hell, he thought to himself, he should report that the Mierese agent was living in his own reality, seeming to “forget” what Wenn deemed important details, such as the agent’s weapon jamming, the Punaab madly laughing KIKIKI with his custom laser Gatling gun and the whole chaos that followed.

He even opened his mouth to protest as he watched the Mierese inject a drug into the Punaab, who eventually stopped resisting. Ultimately, Wenn decided it wasn’t worth it.

“Yago has a few too many screws loose. It would be weird if he didn’t though… considering his past.” thought Wenn to himself.

The Mierese sat in the chair next to the Lieutenant. They fastened their seat belts as their ship, an elegantly customized Buzan Thrill of Life, started powering up for the jump to space. The Mierese opened a bottle of a bubbly drink and raised his legs on the edge of the ship’s console.

“Here we go, buddy” he said, giving the drink to Wenn, before popping an intoxicating beverage for himself. “No drinking and driving”, he said solemnly.

“It’s gonna be a long journey…” murmured Lieutenant Wenn.


Weekly Project Report

Project: Showroom Alpha

Concept Art: DONE /// Art: BUILDING /// UX/UI: BUILDING /// Game Design: DONE /// Blockchain: PROTOTYPING

Updates: User interface models are in progress, once their visuals basics are approved they will start the work on the terminal systems and start integrating it into the game and in the test the pipeline. /// Working on the basic gameplay features, Save/Loads, and Loading of the game on the start.

Upcoming activities: Working on Alpha-quality for all environment depts: Level Art, Props, Vegetation, Lighting, VFX/// Mockups creation for all features and their integration to the game. /// Wireframe review///Plan review of a first playable build

Project: Galactic Marketplace


Updates: Marketplace program is done, ATLAS staking program in progress /// Assisting front end engineers in prototyping core user flow ///Ongoing prototyping of the core user flow (2nd week)

Upcoming activities: Once ATLAS staking design is approved, we’ll start implementing /// Strategize for user testing the prototype/// 3rd week of prototyping core user flow (ongoing iteration with UX / UI)

Project: System Polishing

New Features: Terms of Services and Privacy Policy formatting /// User profile mobile optimization /// Add endpoint to Galaxy to enable 3rd parties to access total circulating token supplies of ATLAS and POLIS in real-time

Upcoming features: Bundle of GDPR compliance features /// Redesign of menu system to enhance UX /// Enhanced analytics with Amplitude /// Cookie enhancements.

Known issues: Player net worth not accurate on profile /// Badges not available on player profile /// Ships can’t be withdrawn from Faction Fleet if a rent account is missing

Project: SCREAM v1.0

Game Design: PROTOTYPING /// Blockchain: PROTOTYPING/// UX/UI: PROTOTYPING /// Economy Design: R&D /// Front End: PROTOTYPING

Updates: Defining explicit requirements for core gameplay mechanics /// Continuing to refine blockchain architecture based on gameplay requirements. Started prototyping a new program /// Continuing to further refine user interaction flows based on gameplay mechanics /// Continuing economic modeling of gameplay loops. Onboarded Director of Economy to project /// Adding more functionality to WebGL prototypes. Onboarded additional front-end WebGL developer to project

Upcoming activities: Continue to define explicit requirements for core gameplay mechanics and incorporate feedback from SCREAM stakeholders /// Test and refine prototypes across all SCREAM teams and stakeholders /// Prototype the game views and all of the interactive elements /// Continue to analyze economic impacts of SCREAM /// Continue to add additional functionality to existing WebGL prototypes

Project: DAO


Updates: Continuing establishing the wireframes and engaging with BI team to determine data features /// Converting wireframes to HTML and working on Typescript bindings to communicate with Solana programs /// Proxy CPI nearing completion, working with on ATLAS staking. Goki/Tribeca audits progressing

Upcoming activities: Work with stakeholders and continue iterating on designs and, after approval, move to high fidelity. /// Prototype reward algorithm.


Star Atlas is a next-gen gaming metaverse emerging from the confluence of state of the art blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer video game, and decentralized financial technologies.

Real-time graphics technology using Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite allows for cinematic quality video game visuals. Blockchain technology using the Solana protocol establishes a largely serverless and secured gameplay experience. Non-fungible tokens obtained and traded within Star Atlas creates an economy that replicates the tangibility of real world assets and ownership. To learn more, visit, join a faction at and send your spaceships on a deep space mission by enrolling them into the Faction Fleet.


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