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iBUYPOWER to Offer Custom Star Atlas-Branded Gaming Gear

The best-in-class gaming experience in web3 meets the best-in-class hardware manufacturer, making the metaverse accessible to all.

If you’re a fan of the Star Atlas game and metaverse and the growing community that surrounds it, you’d probably like nothing more than to bring some of that same spirit to your home universe — or simply to your own home.

Today, in the heat of #StarAtlasSummer, your dream has become reality. ATMTA, the lead developer of Star Atlas, and iBUYPOWER have announced that they are teaming up to offer Star-Atlas-branded hardware online in the iBUYPOWER Tech Store.

The two companies share a passion for delivering the best in gaming experiences which led to a successful partnership a month ago. That’s when iBUYPOWER was the leading sponsor of the Star Atlas Council of Peace Assembly (COPA) event, where Marketing Executive Producer King Perez de Tagle (a Star Atlas ship owner himself) presented a custom Star Atlas-branded PC as the grand prize.

The iBUYPOWER team was eager to do even more, so when they heard that Star Atlas had been looking for a solution to offer branded merchandise, they offered up their best-in-class tech store as a home for Star Atlas gear.

The launch represents the first time ATMTA is licensing the SA brand, and another step towards a longer term partnership with iBUYPOWER that will bring more hardware and Star Atlas-certified systems.

The initial line of products will include a visually stunning Star Atlas-branded Hyte y60 PC case, Eclipse hg10 competition-grade gaming headphones and a UV-printed mousepad. There will be a limited number of each item available and initial production will be dependent on the interest of the community.

ATMTA and iBUYPOWER have made it clear they don’t see this as a profit-making exercise. Rather, it’s a way both companies can give the community the ability to express their excitement and passion for Star Atlas through products they use everyday.

How to get your gear

The first step to purchasing any of these great products is to head to the iBUYPOWER website where you can officially register your interest. There is no payment necessary at this step. Showing your interest puts you at the front of the line.

Once iBUYPOWER sees enough interest in a product, they’ll send prospective buyers access to an order form. Once enough orders come in, production will begin. If it turns out that not enough orders come in for production of any of these items, all early supporters will be fully refunded.

Once your Star Atlas-branded gear arrives*, feel free to share on social media so the whole community can enjoy them.

*Due to current supply chain challenges, please allow 10–12 weeks for delivery.

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