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ABOUT banana dao

We are a metaverse organization (corporation) operating within the Ustur sector of Star Atlas. Our intention is to run this organization like any real-world corporation. We have thorough plans in how to do so, but broadly speaking, we will be specializing in resource mining and ship building.

We will have numerous mining operations strategically placed throughout the universe. We will regularly freight back the resources to our HQ where they will be either 1) used for shipbuilding with intent to sell completed ships, or, 2) be sold in raw form.

A lot of strategy will go into executing a model like this. Every decision regarding where we mine, how we defend mining operations, how/where we transport resources and how we defend those transports will be essential.

With all that said, if you are in this discord then presumably you have interest in contributing to the organization's growth/vision while benefiting significantly from our resources, knowledge, and protection.

There are virtually limitless possibilities in what you can do or be within Star Atlas. Maybe you want to help pilot freighters delivering resources, maybe you want to help pilot fighters that escort the freighters. Maybe you want to run a shop or help coordinate trade deals. Maybe you want to explore new regions and piece together new areas of the map. There's room for everyone.

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Star Atlas

Star Atlas


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Star Atlas DAO

Star Atlas DAO


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