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Tech Thursday—Meet The Team (Part 1)

We’re thrilled to kick off our weekly Tech Thursday series, where our raving community is given the opportunity to get involved in ideas and exciting initiatives related to the tech and product of Immutable X.

There’s no better way to begin than with an introduction to some of the key team members behind Ethereum’s first and leading NFT scaling solution. Ready to meet the first three engineers?

Tim Curtin

What I do: Lead SRE (Site Reliability Engineer) at Immutable X

A little about me:

Throughout my career, I have loved working in environments where a whole team is pushing toward a purpose or goal that has never been done before. You will learn amazing things about yourself and the evolving technology in this space.

I first got interested in technology (and gaming) when I (completely) broke the 486 my parents saved up for. Their response at the time was “Find a way to fix it”. I did and my love of technology and knowing how it worked began.

One of my first online (and online gaming) experiences was Ultima Online in the late 90’s, which had a secondary rares trading market very similar to NFTs (the rare fruit basket was my favourite). You would trust their poorly designed/basic HTML sites to send money via any mechanism available (direct transfer, online payments) while waiting for an anonymous internet user to transfer your assets in-game.

In my current role at Immutable X, being able to witness how the L2 technology influences the industry and enable trusted digital experiences across games and metaverse makes me immensely proud of being part of the team.

The pathway Immutable X is setting forth for ownership and digital assets trading is one of the most exciting things about working here.

My expertise is on:

Cloud infrastructure, reliability, scaling, and using code to solve operational challenges.

My Discord handle: Tim | Immutable#2821

Inga Pflaumer

What I do: Tech Lead at Immutable X

A little about me:

Passionate technologist and gamer, I started at Immutable as an automation chapter lead but soon discovered my passion — transforming real-world money into cryptocurrencies and all things payments. At Immutable, I lead Australian and offshore teams, and that does strange things to my coffee addiction.

I’m also a regular mentor at Muses Code JS and Women Who Code workshops, speaker at WebDirections Code Leaders, Camp JS, LAST Conferences, DDD and others. I love teaching tech to underrepresented groups, with the goal of diversifying the industry.

In my free time, I wander around Skyrim with short breaks for God of War or Horizon. My apartment is filled with generations of Xboxes, PlayStations, and Switches. If my hands are not holding joysticks, I either lift weights, do boxing or pet my corgi Ein.

My expertise is on:

Payments systems, API integrations, Building compliant systems, Skyrim, Marvel, dogs, and motorcycles

My Discord handle: Inga | Immutable#8668

Clement Oh

What I do: Engineering Manager at Immutable X

A little about me:

I studied Law and Commerce and participated in management consulting competitions around the world. To the horror of my Asian parents, I dropped out to pursue a career in entrepreneurship and technology. Not long after that, my passion to learn coding to make prototypes began to grow more quickly. After many 18–20hr day grinds and waking up with my face on the keyboard, I built a chat application that I had no idea how to start; I just knew I had made a promise and had to deliver.

Along the way, I started to work at New Zealand’s largest media company, Stuff (formerly Fairfax Media NZ) to learn how to build production applications that scale to millions of users. At the time, being able to stay focused (even until the late hours) and having an excellent tech leader who loved learning new tech, I was able to progress quickly through my engineering career. At Stuff, I revamped the ad configuration, internal CMS for journalists, and identity platform.

My favorite games right now are Dota 2 (played since DotA 1 for 12+ years now), and Beat Saber VR.

My expertise is on:

Frontend Software EngineeringBackend Software Engineering in Node.JS, Java, and KotlinUnquenchable curiosity (sometimes it needs to be quenched =P)

My Discord handle: clem#6776

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