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Tech Thursday — Meet The Team (Part 2)

Tech Thursday — Meet The Team (Part 2)

For this week’s Tech Thursday, we continue our Meet the Team series. We’re proud to introduce Natalie, Anastasia, and Shine—three different engineers at Immutable across backgrounds, squads, and expertise with a mission to make digital worlds real.

Natalie Bunduwongse

What I do: Lead Mobile Developer at Immutable X

A little about me:

I started off as an Android developer and then went into consulting a few years back where I kick-started my lead/management career. Over the years, I picked up iOS development as well, but I would still say Android is my stronger suit. I’ve worked on many mobile apps for a range of industries including banking, data security, health, and business services. In recent years, I have been working on mainly FinTech apps.

Since I don’t get to code as much at work after transitioning to a more hands-off role, I decided to start my own consulting business so I can relive my days when I get to just put my headphones on and code outside of work.

I like to ride my electric longboard (sometimes with my dog strapped to me or my husband), snowboard, draw, paint, bake, and travel. I also have a cheeky Pomeranian called Armin, who is named after the trance DJ — Armin van Buuren, so you should be able to guess what kind of music I listen to.

My expertise is on:

Native mobile development, Android

My Discord handle: natalieb#3139

Anastasia Bashkirtseva

What I do: A Software Engineer at Immutable X

A little about me:

I am a Software Engineer who is really passionate about technology and loves challenges. I lived in a small city in Siberia (P.S. a Siberian is a person who is afraid of the cold, but wears warm clothes. The Australian winter is really cold for me!). I started my career as a developer in a small web studio. During that time, I had lots of projects in different countries: Russia, Australia, Estonia, Netherlands, Germany, and USA.

In 2017, I gave birth to my lovely son and decided to move to Australia as it’s a better place to raise kids and have a work-life balance. Currently, I’m part of the mainstream team in Immutable X. A memorable experience was being part of the TikTok project!

Apart from the job, I love playing tennis and spending time with my family. I’m really happy in Australia, having lots of different opportunities for recreation.

My expertise is on:

Software development methodologies, breaking a complex problem apart into smaller challenges, and extreme programming techniques.

I can pick the most appropriate tool for the task at hand, and I am tool and language agnostic.

My Discord handle: Anastasia Bashkirtseva#3127

Shine Li

What I do: Engineering Manager at Immutable X

A little about me:

I started in micro-electronics engineering — making ICs. Software engineering has always been a hobby of mine since I was a little kid. After moving to Australia about almost 15 years ago, I started my career in software engineering. I love solving problems by writing code, designing solutions, talking to people, replacing the problem, or sometimes even better — dissolving them. And I am passionate about building partnerships with like-minded people to achieve something amazing.

Currently, I’m partnering with amazing engineers in Immutable X’s core engineering squad to build out the future for our backend architecture.

My expertise is on:

Adding spectrums between black and white.

My Discord handle: shineli#5405

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