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Immutable X Developer Launch Rewards

We’re thrilled to have kicked off the new 2022 year with a major upgrade! Everyone can now onboard and mint on Ethereum’s leading L2 NFT scaling protocol without using a sign-up form or contacting our team first. This is a major milestone towards a completely permissionless developer experience on Immutable X.

To celebrate this major milestone, we are hosting the Developer Launch Rewards program. All projects that launch and meet the milestones laid out below will receive their share of 250,000 IMX tokens.

In other great news, we have also extended our ZERO protocol fee period, so all projects launched under this program will not be subject to a protocol fee.

How to Participate?

Any developer launched from 1 Jan 2022 to 28 February 2022 at 11:59 pm UTC can join this exciting program and stand a chance to win their share of the 250,000 IMX prize pool by meeting the requirements below.

Complete the onboarding process by (i) registering your contract on Immutable X & (ii) providing your contact details (project name, company name and email address)The NFT collection must be minted and launched on Immutable X.The NFT collection must meet a minimum of $100,000 USD worth of total Layer 2 NFT trades on Immutable X. Between 1–31st January 2022; or Between 1–28th February 2022

Reward Breakdown

We will announce the official winners of the Developer Launch Rewards program across our social media channels and blog in early March. After this date, these winners will receive an e-mail from the Immutable X team and will be able to claim their share of the total reward pool worth 250,000 IMX tokens. The reward pool will be divided equally to each eligible winner up until the maximum reward of 8,000 IMX tokens.

We will provide frequent updates on the progress of projects that have achieved or are almost achieving the milestone on socials at the end of January, mid-February and early March 2022.

Terms & Conditions

Before you participate in the program, please read & accept the following terms and conditions.

Immutable X protocol fees are currently not active and won’t be included in the value calculation of the total Layer 2 NFT trades on Immutable X.All participants of this program must adhere to the Protocol License Agreement here.Immutable X and its employees are not responsible for the participants’ provision of inaccurate information upon registration.Once a collection is registered to a particular wallet address (public key), it cannot be changed. Ensure that you have adequate security management for the wallet you use to register a project. Find more details about this here.Participants NFT collection must be minted and launched on Immutable X (Layer 2) between 1–31st January 2022; or between 1–28th February 2022. The NFT collection must meet a minimum of $100,000 USD worth of total Layer 2 NFT trades on Immutable X between 1–31st January 2022; or between 1–28th February 2022.Only one reward may be claimed per collection.The reward pool of 250,000 IMX tokens will be divided equally to each eligible winner up until the maximum reward of 8,000 IMX tokens per collection.Any community project launched on Immutable X before the 1 January 2022 or after the 28th of February 2022 will not qualify to participate in this program.If the program participants are found to be conducting malicious activities or intent towards Immutable X and its community members, they will be disqualified from the program and its reward.The IMX token rewards will only be sent to the Layer 2 Immutable X wallet address that is linked to the respective project and confirmed during the claiming process. We will not permit the transfer of these tokens to any other addresses.Wash trading will result in exclusion from the Developer Launch Rewards program. If any participant is found to be wash trading during or after the program, they will be disqualified from the rewards.Any community project that fails to follow the program requirements will not qualify for rewards.Immutable X and its employees have the final say in the program structure, winner selection process, and reward claim process.Winners will be notified via their registered email address on how to claim their reward within 14 working days after the program has ended. You must provide a valid email address in the onboarding process. Onboard by (i) registering your contract on Immutable X & (ii) providing your contact details (project name, company name and email address).Winners must respond to the respective email within 14 working days after it has been sent.Immutable X and its employees reserve the right to amend this program’s details & reward structure without prior notice to the public.

Note: All content is provided on behalf of Digital Worlds NFTS, the issuer of the IMX Token, through Immutable Pty. Ltd. as Digital Worlds NFTS’s independent and exclusive service provider for the issuance of the IMX Token.


If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to check out this dedicated FAQ section for you.

Q. How do I be eligible for the rewards?

A: You will need to meet all of the program requirements laid out in this blog.

Q: How do I know if my project completed all requirements to receive the token rewards?

A: We will send announcements of the winners regularly (mid-month and end of month)

Q: How are you computing the $100K threshold (what ETH prices are you basing it on)?

A: Our internal tooling tracks this using the hourly exchange rate data. Rate is based on the hour of transaction.

Q: If I achieve another $100K volume on top of the original amount (i.e. cumulative volume of $200K), can I be eligible for another round of rewards?

A: No, the current campaign is only for the first $100K of your collection.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of collections I create and submit for the campaign?

A: No, there is no limit. Create as many collections as you think you can make successful. Not that only the volume during certain time periods will be counted towards the campaign. That is, if your collection reaches the $100K USD threshold after the relevant campaign period, then it won’t be eligible for the rewards. You have to reach the threshold as quickly as possible!

Q: I completed all the criteria! How will I receive my rewards?

A: The IMX tokens will be sent to the wallet address you indicated in the campaign sign up form. We distribute these tokens by batch (typically every month). You will be informed when you should expect a batch of tokens.

Q: Is wash trading allowed?

A: No. We will be checking for wash trading. Reward applications may be denied as a result of investigations.

Q: Is it actually possible to succeed in this program?

A: Yes! There are already IMX projects that are already hitting big trading volumes. For example:

Galz VM_IMX achieved $69,000 USD 1 day trading volume upon launchGalaxiators achieved $23,000 USD volume within a week of their launch

Q: If I missed out on the program, will there be another one?

A: Possibly! Depending on the success of the program, we may extend the rewards campaign.

Q: I need help! Who do I need to contact for all things related to this grant?

A: Please submit a ticket to our support team at: Choose the option `I have an issue or question related to building on Immutable X`

What’s Next?

You can learn more about Immutable X and IMX on our website. You can also join our growing communities on:




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