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Immutable X Developer Launch Rewards V2

The Immutable X Developer Launch Rewards program is back with bigger prizes and registrations start today! This program celebrates early-stage NFT collectibles in their journey on Ethereum, powered by Immutable X. In the last round, we celebrated CyberGalz for achieving more than $100,000 NFT L2 trades since their launch on Immutable X.

To continue our efforts in recognizing exceptional projects building on our L2 ecosystem, we will be giving away a reward pool worth up to 3,700,000 IMX tokens.

This exciting program is open for new and existing NFT collections on Immutable X.

Reward Breakdown

There will be 4 reward tiers that participants can strive for.

Each project must meet both a trading volume and community milestone between the 1st of April and the 30th of June 2022 in order to be eligible. The trading volume milestone refers to secondary NFT trades conducted on Immutable X Layer 2 and the community milestone involves the developers’ ability to optimize their community size and engagement level.

How do I join?

It’s super simple! Any NFT collection that mints and launches on Immutable X L2, and completes the onboarding process outlined below before the 1st of July 2022 can join the exciting program.

Yes — this includes any NFT collection that has launched before April 2022. The more, the merrier!

Onboarding Process:

Register your contract on Immutable XProvide your contact details


While the Immutable X protocol is permissionless and we encourage all participants to unleash their creativity to achieve great milestones for their NFT collections, we’ve taken a further leap forward by providing free live Discord AMA sessions that participants can join for free.

Each AMA session will provide opportunities for participants to learn more about the program and suggested ideas to improve their community size and engagement level.

AMA Schedule

Every AMA will be hosted on our Immutable X Discord server at

Program Kick-Off: 13 April 2022 at 11am UTC (9pm AET)

Our Customer Success Manager, Amelia Brown, will run through everything you need to know about the Developer Launch Rewards. She will help to give insights on what participants should be looking for and how to be eligible for the rewards. This is a great session to get all your questions answered LIVE.

Twitter 101: Date & Time To Be Announced

In this next live Discord session, we will be inviting project founders who run successful Twitter pages to share their key Twitter learnings. Further details will be announced soon.

Discord 101: Date & Time To Be Announced

Discord is one of the most important and widely used social platforms for NFT projects for its diverse tools and integrations that allow deeper interactions with community members. We will be inviting project founders who run successful Discord servers to share their key social media learnings. Further details will be announced soon.

Terms & Conditions

Before you participate in the program, please read & accept the following terms and conditions.

Immutable X protocol fees are currently not active and won’t be included in the value calculation of the total Layer 2 NFT trades on Immutable X.All participants of this program must adhere to the Protocol License Agreement here.Immutable X and its employees are not responsible for the participants’ provision of inaccurate information upon registration.Once a collection is registered to a particular wallet address (public key), it cannot be changed. Ensure that you have adequate security management for the wallet you use to register a project. Find more details about this here.Eligible Participants and rewards must follow the rules and conditions outlined in the blog aboveOnly one reward can be claimed per collection — LFG, WAGMI, GM or BUIDL.If the program participants are found to be conducting malicious activities or intent towards Immutable X and its community members, they will be disqualified from the program and its reward.The IMX token rewards will only be sent to the Layer 2 Immutable X wallet address that is linked to the respective project and confirmed during the claiming process. We will not permit the transfer of these tokens to any other addresses.Wash trading will result in exclusion from the Developer Launch Rewards program. If any participant is found to be wash trading during or after the program, they will be disqualified from the rewards.Any community project that fails to follow the program requirements will not qualify for rewards.Participants that meet the activity thresholds will be notified via their registered email address on how to claim their reward within 14 working days after the program has ended on 1st July 2022. Participants must respond to the respective email within 14 working days after it has been sent.You must provide a valid email address in the onboarding process and confirm the associated twitter or discord account to validate you meet the community thresholds.Derivative projects are not eligible for any reward.Immutable X and its employees have the final say in the program structure, winner selection process, and reward claim process.Immutable X and its employees reserve the right to amend this program’s details & reward structure without prior notice to the public.The token rewards will follow an unlock period outlined below:

Note: All content is provided on behalf of Digital Worlds NFTS, the issuer of the IMX Token, through Immutable Pty. Ltd. as Digital Worlds NFTS’s independent and exclusive service provider for the issuance of the IMX Token.


If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer support team at

What’s Next?

You can learn more about Immutable X and IMX on our website. You can also join our growing communities on:




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