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Community Project Spotlight: September 2021

It has been an exhilarating month for everyone in the Immutable X and Ethereum communities. Minting and trading features went live, plus we had an exciting number of projects announced and launched by talented developers in the community. Some of the developers were rewarded under the Immutable X Developer Grants Program with grants totaling 30,000 IMX. The program recognized early adopters by rewarding developers who contributed to the protocol by launching their NFT project or announcing that they are building with Immutable X on social media.

Some key stats for the past month from community-built projects, as of the 7th of October:

> USD 9M traded GAS-FREE on Immutable X layer 27 projects live> 16k transactions

We’re pretty thrilled with these stats. Remember: we’ve only been open for < 5 weeks!

As the community grows, we want to share with you some of the upcoming and notable NFT projects being built on Immutable X that you don’t want to miss. So we have created the Monthly Community Spotlight, where you can get some insight into the action straight from the creators themselves. Each month we will be spotlighting some of the most innovative and exciting projects in the Ethereum ecosystem, all being built on Immutable X!

Community Projects

1. Moody Krows

If you were on crypto-Twitter over the weekend, you might have seen a wave of Crow (ahem, Krow) content flying around. This is because Moody Krows, the first 10k PFP NFT collection in the Immutable X ecosystem, dropped on Sunday.

The launch was incredibly successful:

Sold out in < a minute> 2,900 unique addresses> $6M in GAS-FREE secondary sales in less than 6 days powered by Immutable X

Moody Krows is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs. They are expressive collectible avatars made to give back to their Krowmmunity over time. The Moody Krows team has recently revealed that Krow holders will soon be able to breed their Krows to create Baby Krows and upgrade them using Moody Pebbles found in the Metaverse. The creators of Moody Krows told us, “not only are the Moody Krows incredibly stylish, fun, and imaginative, but they are also for a good cause. The mission of Moody Krows is to support, promote, and improve mental health awareness within the NFT community. Plus, a portion of proceeds will be donated to a charity chosen by Moody Krows token holders.” Sounds like a winning combination to us!

Moody Krows is built by Mantial, a SAAS business for digital artists to develop and launch their NFT collections, powered by Immutable X.

2. Photocentra is disrupting the $4 billion stock photography industry by slashing marketplace fees and giving power back to creators. started several years ago as a photo community with the ability to easily add, view, recommend (like), and comment on photos and for artists to create stunning profiles to advertise their work.

The team has now taken the next step towards empowering creators through NFT technology. Within a few weeks, Photocentra was able to integrate with Immutable X protocol and mint photos as NFTs on L2 without gas fees. Any photographer can now sell their work directly to buyers and receive the total price of the piece directly into their wallet immediately after the sale. Gone are the days of third parties taking up to 85% of the sale fee for a photo!

For more info, follow on Twitter or visit their website.

3. Astrobros

Astrobros are a collection of 10,000 randomly built NFT collectibles. These unique animated collectibles stand out for their nostalgic artwork, reminding fans of early action movie heroes from the 70s to 90s. The founder behind Astrobros, told us, “by having these pixelated NFTs accessible in the Immutable X ecosystem, users can trade without the worry of the increasing gas costs!” The team at Astrobros will develop their collectibles further via gamification soon.

To stay up to speed with the Omniversal happenings with Astrobros, you can follow their Twitter or Discord or find out more information at the Astrobros website.

4. Unfamiliar Territory

Unfamiliar Territory is a first-of-its-kind P2E game set in a virtual world. Collectible NFTs, quests, lands, and buildings are just part of a complex economy existing on the Ethereum blockchain. Their Founder Series NFTs dropped on the 23rd of September 2021 on Immutable X. Soon, Unfamiliar Territory will be releasing a set of 5 collectible NFTs (with an audiobook!!) telling the backstory of the game that can be used in-game or traded by players.

Unfamiliar Territory is a purpose-driven game. The founders told us that they “saw the need and realized we could do a lot of good in the world and make a real difference. That’s why we partnered with Hydrating Humanity. For every in-game well that is built, a real-world well that supports hundreds of people will be built in developing countries.”

For more information, follow their Twitter or visit their website.

Feature Updates

Minting with royalties has been rolled out. Check out the implementation guide here.We’re constantly updating our docs. We’ve just added a guide to writing an Immutable X compatible Ethereum contract. Check out the updates here.We’re trialing a status page to keep you updated on our systems’ planned maintenance, active incidents, and historical uptime information. The status page is available here.

What’s Next?

If you’re interested in building your NFT project on Ethereum’s first layer 2 scaling solution for free minting and trading:

Get started now — check out our docs site.Join the discussion on Discord.

Tell us about your project so we can get in touch and send you information about grants, feature updates, launches, and Immutable news.


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