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Community Project Spotlight: October 2021

October was a blockbuster month for community projects on Immutable X, with a massive uptick in the number of projects launched and trading volume.

October also saw some incredible projects joining the Immutable X ecosystem using data from our APIs; more on this later.

Here are the key stats from the month of October:

> USD 30M traded GAS-FREE on Immutable X layer 220 new collections dropped

We can’t wait to share with you the updated stats from November (hint: they’re big). But in the meantime, here’s an overview of some of the most innovative and exciting projects in the Ethereum ecosystem that launched on Immutable X in October.

Community Project Spotlight: October 2021

1. CryptoCrappies

CryptoCrappies was founded by a group of four friends from Germany with a passion for poop! They recently launched their first NFT collection with the presale drop selling out in seconds gas-free (pun intended) on Immutable X. CryptoCrappies are a collection of 4,269 randomly built NFT collectibles with artwork featuring, well, CryptoCrap! They chose the theme as a tongue-in-cheek way to bring awareness to their chosen cause; 30% of royalties from NFT sales will be donated to Gastric Cancer charities.

The CryptoCrappies team is currently working on an alpha mobile crypto-game prototype, so keep an eye out!



2. Bad Grandma

Bad Grandma is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated unique collectibles living on Immutable X. The project was built by NFT Artisans (, a group of grandsons who love their grandmas.

The Bad Grandma collection sold out within 3 days and was minted 100% gas-free on Immutable X:

Total revenue >$3,500,000 USD$1.48M in secondary sales in the first few weeks3,976 holders

NFT artisans are not stopping at Grandmas. Instead, the team has planned an entire ecosystem where supporters can eventually have a whole Bad Family, including Bad Grandpa, Bad Baby, Bad Grandkids, Uncle Ted, Aunt Becky, and Bad Neighbor. Fun for the entire family!

To keep up to date with the hottest baddies on the Ethereum blockchain, check out the Bad Grandma Website or join the conversation on Twitter or Discord.




3. Moonshot Garage Project

Founded by a team of developers with blue-chip experience at IBM and Amazon, Moonshot Garage Project (MSGP) is a launchpad that helps NFT projects to launch on Immutable X. Their platform (coming soon) also allows traders to buy and sell their NFTs with zero gas-fees in a custom secondary marketplace. Their incubation process is very inclusive, with the MSGP team meeting the NFT project team, running ground checks, and providing community and social support. Supporters will soon be able to receive the native MSGP token that will give holders governance voting rights.

They recently launched their flagship project, the Moonshot Garage Project NFT collection, which has become one of the most traded projects on Immutable X to date, and have more in the works. They’ve given us a sneak peak of an upcoming project:

Keep up to date with them on Twitter or via their website.

Ecosystem updates

The Immutable X ecosystem grew exponentially in October with the release of some exciting community projects leveraging publically available data from the Immutable X APIs. We’re featuring a few of these projects here, but you can keep up to date with the latest launches by following the ecosystem-projects channel on Discord.

Immutascan is the first block explorer for Immutable X.IMXFLOW (bought to you by the creators of Photocentra) is an analytics site showing rarity indices and trading volumes for Immutable X collections. We particularly like the diamond-hands/paper-hands feature, which shows the percentage of a collection listed for sale, in real-time.MintsMeet is a new NFT marketplace built on Immutable X.

We can’t wait to see what the community will come up with next!

Feature Updates

The engineering team has been hard at work rolling out features to make the developer experience (even more) awesome! Here are the highlights.

Minting with royalties (mint v2) is live; you can now earn royalties on all NFTs every time they are sold on Immutable X Layer 2. Check out the implementation guide here.Self-service contract and metadata schema registration is live in Ropsten — no more waiting to have your collection registered! Visit the guide here for all of the necessary information to register your collection.We have now open-sourced the Immutable X Examples repository. Check it out here.

In other technical news, there is now a dedicated blog for Engineering at Immutable X! We’ll use this space to showcase to the world what the Immutable Engineering team is all about, including some updates on our tech. Check out the first post from Tim, our Lead Site Reliability Engineer, on some of the recent improvements in reliability and scalability.

What’s Next?

If you’re interested in building your NFT project on Ethereum’s first layer 2 scaling solution for free minting and trading:

Get started now — check out our docs site.Join the discussion on Discord.Tell us about your project so we can get in touch and send you information about grants, feature updates, launches, and Immutable news.



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