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57. How to buy Land: IlluviDEX now Live!

Illuvium Land

Illuvium Land is an NFT playable in Illuvium: Zero, our mobile and desktop companion game. Generate the Fuel required to capture, travel, and battle inside Illuvium: Overworld. Landowners earn by playing a fun game that rewards them for their time.

How to Earn with Illuvium Land

Fuel is a currency used in all games in the Illuvium Universe. Players extract Fuel from Tier 1–5 Land by playing Illuvium: Zero; to collect their share of the earnings, players then sell this Fuel for ETH. The more Fuel you produce, the more you can earn! Approximately 5% of all revenue generated from in-game purchases goes to Landowners.

Scan your Land for Illuvial Biodata and research rare Blueprints* (NFTs). Players use Blueprints to craft skins for armour and items. Players sell blueprints to other players on the IlluviDEX for ETH. IlluviDex to other players for ETH.

How to Buy Illuvium Land

You can browse, favourite, and purchase Land on the IlluviDex, the official Illuvium Marketplace.

Step-By-Step Guide

1. Create a MetaMask (MM) account wallet on Ethereum if you don’t have one already. Have a MM already? Skip to step 2.

2. Load your MetaMask wallet on Ethereum (Layer 1) with enough ETH or sILV2 to cover the cost of your Land purchase(s) plus the Ethereum gas fee for each transaction.

3. Visit the IlluviDex, the official Illuvium marketplace.
Connect > Get Started
(*Note if using a hardware wallet — you may need to select “use a different wallet.” These steps are shown below in the next section).

4. Connect with MetaMask by selecting your correct account. Next.

5. Connect.

6. Sign to give access to Immutable X (confirm your account is correct).

7. Sign Signature Request on MetaMask.

8. Set Up Immutable X Key.

9. Sign the MetaMask Signature Request.

10. IMX Setup complete. Close.

11. Select your correct account and Connect with MetaMask to the IlluviDex. Next.

12. Connect.

13. That’s it! You’re now connected! In the upper right hand of the IlluviDex that it now shows your connected IMX wallet.

Once you have connected your wallet, you’re ready to browse and favourite Land on the IlluviDex! The sale goes for three days to give you plenty of time to research and decide which option is best for you but remember, each plot is only available for two hours.

IlluviDEX is live; check it out here!

You can explore our Medium Article for the most detailed version of how the Land Sale works.

P.S. In case you missed it, we are running a Land Giveaway for Five Tier 1 plots of Land here

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