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50. Immutable X deep-dive — Part 1: Security with speed

50. Immutable X deep-dive — Part 1: Security with speed

Our number one priority is ensuring that our gamers can safely own and trade their in-game assets. Setting our game on Immutable X’s L2 protocol lets us provide that security while maintaining near-instant transaction speeds.

How are my assets kept safe?

Traditional gaming studios typically hold your assets on servers. The developer can change your assets or delete them entirely, and if the servers go down, you can lose your assets.

In Illuvium, we secure your assets on the Ethereum blockchain, a massive global network with hundreds of thousands of nodes. Your assets are in wallets that only you can control, and the size and decentralisation of the network protect and validates them.

Ethereum? Aren’t you using Immutable X?

Ethereum is exceptionally decentralised and secure, which is excellent for keeping your assets safe, but the network struggles to cope with the number of transactions. This creates long delays and outrageous gas fees when it’s busy! This was an issue even back in 2017, when one of the first blockchain games called CryptoKitties launched, spiking gas to unprecedented levels and clogging the entire Ethereum network for weeks

Enter Immutable X

Immutable X is a layer two (L2) protocol that sits on top of Ethereum. It performs thousands of transactions per second, rolls them up into batches, and then creates a trustless proof that all these transactions are valid. This proof is published and verified on the Ethereum L1 chain, which means that Immutable X inherits the security guarantees and decentralisation of Ethereum while unlocking massive speed increases to allow near-instant transactions.

I heard of other blockchain games getting hacked. Why is this different?

Games can also increase speeds by using sidechains branching off Ethereum or different blockchains. While these might sound similar to layer two solutions, they don’t inherit Ethereum’s security guarantees or decentralisation and can be vulnerable to attack. Learn more about the different types of scaling here

What do I need to do to keep my assets safe?

Treat your wallet as your bank account. This means never sharing your private keys or logins to wallets, never clicking on suspicious links, and never signing a transaction with your wallet that you don’t understand. If you are ever in doubt, reach out on Discord!

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