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39. How To Claim Your sILV2 Reimbursement

We are thrilled to announce that sILV2 is now deployed, along with a new contract that allows eligible community members to claim their reimbursements. sILV2 uses the same ERC-20 token contract as ILV, with the same in-game utility as sILV.

You will find the sILV2 Claim banner on the official Illuvium website.

For step-by-step instructions, read the article “39. How to Claim Your sILV2 Reimbursement” on our official Illuvium Medium.

Who can claim?

All sILV token holders receive sILV2 equal to their volume of sILV held at the time of the Recovery snapshot (block 13940833).Liquidity providers in the sILV Uniswap V3 pool receive sILV2 equal to the sILV portion of their liquidity position* at the time of the hack snapshot (block 13940652).Users who swapped ETH for sILV between the Recovery snapshot and the Grace snapshot (block 13941127) receive sILV2 equal to the value of sILV purchased, while those that swapped sILV for ETH will have the equivalent value of sILV2 removed from their reimbursement balance.All users receive an extra 0.1 sILV2 to compensate for gas fees.

For more information on the Founding Team and Council’s decisions about reimbursement, deprecating sILV, and what steps we took to fix the exploit, read Medium article “38. Update on sILV Exploit and Discord Security Incident.”

*Liquidity providers in the sILV Uniswap V3 pool will also receive an airdrop of ETH at a later date equivalent to the amount they held at the time of the hack snapshot.

sILV2 Claim Page Instructions

Follow these instructions to mint your sILV2 reimbursement on the sILV2 claim platform. Don’t worry about losing track of where you are in the process — the platform walks you through it step-by-step.

1. The sILV2 Claim Page can be accessed via the main website using the sticky banner link located across the top of the home page:

Be sure to bookmark the Illuvium website for future use.

2. At the Claim Page, connect your wallet to verify that you are eligible to claim. If eligible, you are presented with the following screen:

MetaMask will also display the contract address being interacted with on the top right.

3. Press the “Claim” button, and your Ethereum wallet will pop up, asking you to confirm the transaction.

MetaMask will also display the contract address being interacted with on the top right.

4. Be sure to check that you interact with the correct contract and then press “confirm”.

The official sILV2 mint contract address is: 0xa904f27b1de7e82ba587677ee1f5af0ad0a8c79a

The official sILV2 token contract address is: 0x7E77dCb127F99ECe88230a64Db8d595F31F1b068

5. When you submit the transaction, the platform shows “Claiming sILV2” while the transaction confirms:

6. Once confirmed, the platform will update and show that the claim was successful:

Congratulations, you have successfully claimed your sILV2.

If you have already claimed or you’re not eligible to claim, you will see the following message:

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