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36. Now Live: Gameplay Reveal Trailer and NFT Giveaways!

Witness the elemental clash of the Illuvials across vast and varied biomes. Autobattle encounters, the mining of shards, and harvesting resources are revealed in this showcase of Illuvium’s in-game overworld and battle boards.

After a catastrophic crashland on an alien planet, you are marooned — unable to return to the stars. As a ranger of your spacefaring civilization, you sense that your survival depends on hunting, capturing, and communing with the elemental creatures that dominate the wilderness.

Fire up your jetpack, don your GravBoots, and ascend to the summits of Sanctum Mesa for a first look at the breathtaking panorama of this shattered land. At the heart of your quest is a question, and finding its answer is the adventure: Have we found the place where we belong?

Ready For A Bonus? More Gameplay Footage Unveiled!

Can’t believe your eyes? Wondering what’s cinematic and what’s gameplay in our latest trailer? The game is real, and we already have more to show you.

Here’s 2 minutes of actual gameplay footage of real battles used in our latest Gameplay Reveal Trailer. Captured in-game on Unreal Engine 4.27. Unscripted. Unedited. Raw.

The exclusive Illuvium: Gameplay Reveal Trailer | NFT Giveaway has also officially launched with the premiere!

We did it and exceeded 10k Youtube subscribers! Thank you everyone who helped get us to our goal. As promised, we’ll be giving away 2 specially-created NFTs, made just for this premiere. Check out our discord for full details.

👉 Click here to enter the YT Trailer Premiere NFT Giveaway!

Join our community to stay tuned for the latest updates!

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