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35. Twitch/Playstation’s Scott McCarthy and Riot Games’ Veronica Foo Join Illuvium As Key…

35. Twitch/Playstation’s Scott McCarthy and Riot Games’ Veronica Foo Join Illuvium As Key Marketing Executives

For Illuvium to bring AAA quality innovation to the crypto-gaming space, we must ensure our vision and execution is steered by core contributors who have the perspective that years of experience at leading major gaming studios can hone. We are thrilled to announce that our marketing department has been joined by Scott McCarthy, coming from Twitch to be our new Chief Marketing Officer, and Veronica Foo, coming from Riot Games to be our new Head of Digital Marketing.

Scott McCarthy, who joins us from his post as Twitch’s Head of Marketing Partnerships: Original Gaming Content, brings together more than 20 years of interactive entertainment experience in gaming, portfolio strategy, digital, social & online strategy, brand development, mobile content, and business/partnership Development.

Scott has launched game titles at Atari (2.0) with a focus on licensed and major IP maturation. Onto launching consoles at Sony PlayStation, including the PS4, PSVR and PS PRO, partnering with all major publishers on integrated campaigns with the biggest names in gaming. Most recently, Scott continued to work with marketing & content leaders to construct and launch partner programs through Original Content channels at Twitch.

“Illuvium is a special place,” Scott says, “and I am grateful to have the opportunity to continue to disrupt the industry on behalf of gamers with a love of team, a drive to collaborate and a relentless focus on what makes us all game.”

As Illuvium’s CMO, Scott will apply the depth and breadth of that experience full circle into our studio system. We strive to be an open and community-driven project, mindful that the blockchain app space has pioneered tenets of being open-source and transparent. Scott’s direct career experience in one of the largest open-source companies in the world helps us to forge a new path into the future of decentralized crypto-gaming.

Veronica Foo, who joins us from her post as Manager, Brand & Product Marketing for League of Legends: Wild Rift, has spent the better part of a decade working for Riot Games’ top gaming titles including League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, and Teamfight Tactics, and the worldwide launch of League of Legends: Wild Rift. Prior to Riot, she was at Ubisoft helping to launch Ghost Recon Phantoms.

“I’m so excited to be joining Illuvium and the opportunity to carve a new path through the gaming industry,” Veronica says. “Gaming is at an inflection point and Illuvium is poised to transform the crypto and gaming landscape. Launching Illuvium and bringing crypto games to the mainstream audience is once-in-a-career opportunity and challenge I look forward to.”

As Illuvium’s Head of Digital Marketing, Veronica will build and execute brand and product marketing campaigns, bolster user acquisition and growth initiatives, and engage our player community with her experiences in the trenches at Riot’s and Ubisoft’s content and product marketing.

Recruiting these seasoned gaming industry visionaries as our key marketing leadership will position our game titles for the massive mainstream success we are grinding 24/7 to achieve, in our ambitiously speedy production roadmap. We are glad that these two gaming industry greats clearly see the same potential worldwide impact of our play-to-earn NFT games that you, our DAO community, have always seen since the beginning.

As we move forward on the launch of our Illuvium: Zero mini-game by end of 2021, and the launch of our main game’s public beta in 2022, our momentum has been exponentially increased by Scott and Veronica joining the international talent of Illuvium’s core contributors.

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