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32. Quantstamp Audit of Flash Pools V2 complete! Dive into the XYZ Flash Pool!

We love to offer great staking opportunities to our token-holders, and our friends throughout the metaverse. We believe that establishing our Flash Pools with other DeFi protocols “pools” amazing benefits for forward-thinking investors who deserve the unique rewards.

Quantstamp has completed their audit of our V2 contract, so Illuvium’s Flash Pools V2 can commence!

Read Quantstamp’s Security Assessment Certificate for Illuvium Yield Farming Rewards here.

The next flash pool is XYZ.

Emissions start at block 13082490. You can now deposit XYZ tokens to earn rewards from the first block. The pool will complete at block 13173742. So act quickly to get in on the action—stake now and start earning rewards!

We Work Quickly To Serve Our Community

After the Synthetix flash pool closed, we made a first attempt to set up the XYZ flash pool. The Illuvium dev team found a limitation in the flash pools contract.

No funds were ever at risk. The issue was precision. Tokens with extremely large supply could not be launched. For this reason, the XYZ Flash Pool — originally our next pool — had a bug with its emissions. We duly notified everyone staking to remove their liquidity.

We proposed IIP-007, to develop Flash Pools V2 and make XYZ the next pool once V2 was ready. The Illuvinati Council deliberated, voted, and approved it. The dev team quickly worked to design a new V2 contract with the flexibility to deploy all current ERC-20 tokens.

We always want our community to maximize their earning potential by ensuring our contracts are sound. So we made sure that Quantstamp audited Flash Pools V2.

You Choose Our Pools

Our governance model ensures that your opinions are always represented when the Illuvinati Council votes in the best interest of the DAO.

As we awaited the Quantstamp audit of Flash Pools 2.0, community member Synthaman proposed that we bring together the Axie and Illuvium communities for an AXS flash pool. The V1 flash pools contract we had at the time was compatible with AXS.

Synthaman authored IIP-006, to launch the staking flash pool for AXS. The Illuvinati Council deliberated, voted, and approved it.

The AXS flash pool was 100% a governance decision. Our mission to lead with a DeFi ethos opens “pools” of opportunity for the metaverse to earn ILV.

When the AXS flash pool closed, we again presented the Council with community-nominated tokens in IIP-008, to choose the 4th flash pool. The Council voted to pause flash pools until V2 had completed the Quantstamp audit.

The audit is now complete, and XYZ-holders can earn ILV, if they dive in fast!

Dive Into The XYZ Pool Party!

Getting started is easy. Go to

Need a refresher on the steps? Check out our Staking Guide.

Have questions about yield distributions, liquidity mining, and more? It might be covered in our FAQ.

And remember, your community is here for you. If you have questions about the process, dive into our Discord server and ask in the #help and #flash-pool-discussion channels. Very likely that others had the same question, and can help you! As will our fantastic Community Mods.

Congratulations to all the stakers who benefitted from the SNX and AXS pools. We hope that the XYZ will be just as exciting and rewarding for you.

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You’ll be hearing more from us soon!

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